Gateway KSA throws open the door to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, giving today’s best and brightest students the chance to experience this evolving global powerhouse from a unique perspective.

Successful applicants spend nine intensive days exploring the country together, encountering everything from millennia-old archaeological sites to cutting-edge science and research facilities. Combining open discussions, lectures, reading and site visits, Gateway KSA offers students a multifaceted approach to learning, driven by authentic, real world experiences.

Participants have the opportunity to interact with both Saudis and local internationals, discussing everything from history, literature, scientific progress to geopolitics, Islam and the future of energy. The goal of this fully funded tour is to foster understanding and two-way connections between international students and future influencers in the Kingdom and abroad.



We’re looking for the influencers, policymakers and leaders of tomorrow. Young men and women who can see beyond today’s headlines and tweets to imagine and shape a future of openness, collaboration and innovation together.

The program invites a small and diverse cohort of exceptional students from elite universities to undertake a personal learning journey. Along the way, participants connect deeply with peers from around the world while developing friendships and contacts within the Kingdom.

Gateway KSA offers a unique opportunity for next-generation leaders to engage firsthand with Saudis uncovering a world of both tradition and transition, and challenging each other to learn more about themselves and this vibrant country’s ambitious young population.



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